You Season 3

At the beginning of You season 3, bookstore owner Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and his wife, Love (Victoria Pedretti), are living the suburban dream. They’ve got the white picket fence, the cutesey cupcake shop and an adorable baby boy. What could go wrong? “We are just the nice, normal neighbours next door,” says Joe. Still, he can’t help but think of his suburb as “soulless” and his wife as “the monster”.

It isn’t long before he’s making stalkery overtures to yet another woman. Cue him checking out her Facebook account, hiding under her bed and stealing her underwear. Classic Joe moves. Love, being a bit of a creeper herself, knows something is wrong and suggests that they go to couples therapy. There are shots of Joe wrapping up a corpse and participating in what appears to be a cult ritual. Love is seen swinging a rolling pin and an axe. “You are many things, but you are not murderers,” says their therapist. Uhhh, you sure about that?

All episodes of the show will release on Netflix on October 15.

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