wedding season

Asha Maurya (Pallavi Sharda) is the girl we all know (or we all are?) – drowning in work, running from love and forever fending off her overenthusiastic Mummy who wants nothing but a daamaad. To get her mother off her back, Asha agrees to meet Ravi Shah (Suraj Sharma) – an “MIT genius” on a break from his job. “We’re doomed,” she says on the first date.

To endure the long summer of weddings and their nosy desi relatives, the two pair up as a fake couple. You know what happens next.


There’s nothing new about the fake relationship trope, but it’s an audience favourite (just look at the list of most popular shows and films on Netflix). Plus, it’s been some time since we saw brown people in a watchable romance. Brimming with warmth, familiar Indian peskiness (“Careers fade away but a husband and a family? Those are forever, darling”) and the promise of a strong emotional core, Wedding Season is directed by Tom Dey, best known for Shangai Noon and Marmaduke.

Also, Suraj Sharma (Life of Pi) and Pallavi Sharda (Lion, Besharam) make a lovely pair. Catch the rom-com on Netflix on August 4.

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