The trailer for Eternals, described by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige as “an epic that spans 7,000 years of human history, has cosmic connotations, and changes everything we know about the MCU” is finally out. While doesn’t reveal much of the plot or the Eternals’ powers, it does briefly establish who they are — a group of super-powered beings who’ve been around since the dawn of civilization, but chosen not to interfere in human lives. This includes sitting out the Chitauri invasion and battle of New York in The Avengers (2012) and Thanos turning half of humanity to dust in Avengers: Infinity War (2018). They’re choosing to intervene now, which indicates an unprecedented threat level.

The team includes Angelina Jolie as Thena, Gemma Chan as Sersi, Salma Hayek as Ajak, Richard Madden as Ikaris, Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos, Barry Keoghan as Druig, Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo, Ma Dong-seok as Gilgamesh and Lia McHugh as Sprite, all super-powered beings. Kit Harington plays non-superhero Dane Whitman, also known as the Black Knight in the comics. The trailer also depicts Sersi and Ikraris having an Indian-style wedding and Kingo going undercover as a Bollywood actor.

One nugget of information the trailer does reveal? That the Avengers are going to need a new leader now that Tony Stark is dead and Steve Rogers is gone (Is he dead? On the moon? Conspiracy theorists unite.)

Directed by Academy Award-winning director Chloe Zhao, Eternals releases in theaters on November 5.

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