FC Trailer Talk: Sachin A Billion Dreams

FC Trailer Talk: Sachin A Billion Dreams

The trailer of Sachin A Billion Dreams pushes all the right buttons to induce fan nostalgia, and perhaps even more. The documentary follows the journey of the legendary cricketer and offers a glimpse into the more unknown aspects of the man's life. With a voiceover by Tendulkar himself, the trailer primarily consists of a carefully assembled montage of his most remembered moments on the pitch, juxtaposed against visuals of his personal life, family, and friends, combined with a rousing score by A.R. Rahman.

The reverential tone of the trailer raises doubts as to whether the film would remain as a mere show reel of the cricketer's glorious moments, brushing the not-so-pleasant parts under the carpet (case in point: M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story). However, the trailer does address these, and one must wait for the film's release to delve more. Directed by Emmy-nominated James Erskine, Sachin A Billion Dreams has a mammoth task to achieve. With a substantial amount of information already in public domain, it would be interesting to see whether the documentary is able to live up to the expectations about offering a fresh insight into the sportsman's life. Regardless, the reverberating chants at the end of the trailer are proof enough that the documentary will at least be a celebratory affair for the true blue fans, if not anyone else.

Watch the trailer here:

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