FC Trailer Talk: Maatr

FC Trailer Talk: Maatr

"While you were watching this trailer, a girl was raped somewhere in the country", we are informed with a pertinent call-to-action at the end of the clip. It is the "time to think" and the "time to act", when one must strike back at the system for things to change.

The trailer of Maatr takes us into the murky world of men with power, and their abuse of it. Set in Delhi, it is the story of a mother and daughter who fall prey to such men. The premise is believable and disturbingly familiar, given the number of stories about rapes and sexual harassment that have been reported in the recent past. The mother is now out to seek justice, through what promises to be an interesting (and possibly, predictable) film loaded with action and teary monologues.

Maatr marks the return of Raveena Tandon in a leading role, after her blink-and-miss-it appearance in Bombay Velvet. Directed by Ashtar Sayed with a relatively unknown supporting cast, the film bears the responsibility of doing justice not only to the complex issue it deals with but also to its leading lady's acting abilities, and I know where to place my bets.

Watch the trailer below:

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