Trailer Talk: Trapped, Film Companion

If director Vikramaditya Motwane’s secret agenda behind this trailer for his latest film was to induce minor anxiety attacks in those among us, who are forgetful with our smartphones, then mission accomplished.

The first few minutes of the clip begin harmlessly enough. A man is leaving a flat (we assume, his home?) in a tearing flurry of last minute activity only to be sent rushing back in, to pick up his phone. As the ominous music soars, the door shuts behind him locking him inside. Ergo, the film’s self-explanatory title.

What follows next looks like how Castaway would have unfolded in an urban high-rise apartment, where – instead of battling nature – our lonesome hero (Rajkummar Rao) must confront something infinitely worse: rats!

Movies with actors restricted to solitary confined spaces often feel like the ultimate test of a performer’s mettle and judging by Rao’s history, he should rise to the occasion more than adequately.

Trapped, written by Amit Joshi and Hardik Mehta, was screened at MAMI in October last year to warm buzz. The trailer is taut, without giving too much away, while also laying out the life-or-death stakes of the plot. Most importantly, it is bound make some viewers think twice about splurging on a flat screen TV.

Watch the trailer below – 

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