Trailer Talk: Saina, In Which Saina Nehwal Must Forge Her Own Path, Film Companion

Saina, the Saina Nehwal biopic, tells the story of Nehwal from her childhood in Haryana, when she is pushed and encouraged to train by her mother, to her professional career and aim to be world number one. (Nehwal did actually become number one in 2015.) In the trailer, we see her mother tell her it’s one thing to follow a path and another to actually forge a path; Saina must forge her path.

As an adult, Saina, played by Parineeti Chopra sporting a prominent mole, is the only one in a group of players who raises her hand determinedly when the coach (Manav Kaul) asks which of them is confident of becoming world number one. We see Saina training and winning; we see her say things like ‘Main hara doongi unko, Great Wall of China tod doongi!‘ The trailer also shows her struggles: being reviled on social media and facing criticism from her coach. And we see her repeat the film’s tagline: ‘Maar doongi.’

Saina is directed by Amole Gupte, with music by Amaal Mallik. It will be released in cinemas on March 26th.

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