Leila Trailer Talk: Huma Qureshi Searches For Her Kidnapped Daughter In New Netflix Dystopian Series, Film Companion

Live for Aryavarta, die for Aryavarta, work hard for Aryavarta. Hail Aryavarta.

Set in the futuristic dystopian world of Aryavarta, people are segregated on the basis of their caste and religion. Marriage to someone from a different community is met with violence. When Shalini (Huma Qureshi) marries a Muslim man, Riz (Rahul Khanna), their “mixed blood” child, Leila, is taken away from them. Shalini is drugged and inducted into some sort of cult, where she must mindlessly repeat slogans and undergo physical hardships to “transform” herself.

There are riots, extreme poverty, more government-enforced kidnappings and a mysterious project ‘Balee’, she discovers on her quest to get her daughter back.

Adapted from Prayaag Akbar’s 2017 novel of the same name by Urmi Juvekar and directed by Deepa Mehta, Shanker Raman and Pawan Kumar, the six-episode series will premiere on Netflix on June 14.

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