Junglee Trailer Talk: Vidyut Jammwal And Kalaripayattu Save The Elephants, Film Companion

In Junglee, Vidyut Jammwal’s character, Raj, returns to his father’s elephant reserve as an adult. He shares a special connection with the gentle giants – particularly one, called Bhola. Raj is also a pro at Kalaripayattu.

A poaching gang, led by Atul Kulkarni, has its eyes on the elephants: ‘Look at those tasks,’ he says lustily when his character is introduced in the trailer.

There is a love interest (Pooja Sawant), and a friend character (Akshay Oberoi, for once, not playing the douchebag) thrown in the mix.

There are action sequences in slow motion, none of them quite showcase Jammwal’s supposed expertise in the martial art form – the actor is credited in Additional Action Choreography.

The elephants join in the fight too. But the question you are left with at the end is this: how did the chubby kid (inspite of Kalaripayattu) grow up to be Vidyut Jammwal?

The film is directed by Hollywood filmmaker Chuck Russell, who has made movies such as The Mask and The Scorpion King.

Junglee is produced by Junglee Pictures (it’s not everyday that you have a production house and the film it’s produced share the same name) and Vineet Jain, and co-produced by Priti Shahani.

The film will release on 5 April.

Watch the trailer here:


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