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What happens when a tragedy leads to a can of worms waiting to burst open? What happens when the powerful collide with the oppressed? What happens when you seek truth but much rather hear a lie? Vidya Balan, a powerful journalist in a top news organization, finds her world torn apart when a case comes by – a tragic hit and run where the victim was an 18-year-old girl.

Her mother, a domestic worker (played by Shefali Shah), is traumatized but finds herself in a blackhole, with no end in sight because of the massive class oppression in play. Several people get involved, from budding journalists to the cops, but the truth and the many layers of it are murky enough for everyone to get caught in a cobweb of who’s right, who’s wrong and ultimately, who was behind the wheels.

Directed by Suresh Triveni (Tumhari Sulu), the thriller also stars Rohini Hattangadi, Surya Kasibhatla, Manav Kaul, Kashish Rizwan, Shafeen Patel and Iqbal Khan, among others. It premieres on Amazon Prime Video on March 18.

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