Its My Life Harman Baweja

Stay glued to your television, kids- Harman Baweja is back! 

After the back-to-back star studded Diwali releases like Laxmii, and Ludo, comes a total blast-from-the-past, but the thing is, it is exhumed from a time we have gotten over. It’s My Life looks like the opposite of nostalgia. It’s a throwback to the phrase “perfect family entertainer” that was used to peddle questionable movies where the lead actors don’t kiss. The fashion too, of long sleeves under short sleeves and body hugging tops with flowy knee length skirts, reek of the late 2000s. 

Nana Patekar plays Harman Baweja’s controlling father, angered when he chooses Genelia Deshmukh as his lover. The story is a reverse DDLJ where the girl is attempting to convince her father-in-law. ‘It’s my life’ comes from a drunken monologue in the trailer where a weepy Harman tries to wrest control of his life.

This is a film from 2009 when Harman Baweja was Hurman Baweja (as a good-luck charm for his then-release Victory he had changed his name’s spelling, against his own wishes, to have it changed back) and Genelia Deshmukh was Genelia D’Souza. Anees Bazmee decided to remake the Telugu hit Bommarillu with the two of them. This was also the time Bazmee was on a roll, coming up after the success of Singh Is Kinng, Welcome, and No Entry. 

Baweja’s last film was in 2014’s Dishkiyaoon, where he played a character called Vikki Kartoos. The title track of the film that introduced him starts ‘O dish-dish-dish, O kyaun-kyaun-kyaun’. Watching that film’s trailer is an exercise in confronting one’s age. Deshmukh was last seen in Hindi films in 2016’s Force 2

It’s of note then that the film is not just skipping a theatrical release, but also an OTT release, to go directly to television, on Zee Cinema. It releases on November 29th.

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