Ghoul Trailer Talk: Radhika Apte, Seditious Literature And Demonic Spirit In Dystopian Netflix Series, Film Companion

Radhika Apte plays a muslim woman in the armed forces who helps the authorities arrest his activist father, and author of seditious literature. “…A brave example for everyone, civilians and officers,” Manav Kaul’s army officer lauds her. She looks scared, and guilty.

The story is set in a remote military detention unit, the dark, dingy cells of which prisoners are tortured. We see a new prisoner being brought: Ali Saeed Al Yacoub. When interrogated, he keeps repeating the same thing, as though a chant, summoning a demonic spirit. At one point, Al Yacoub asks Apte’s character “How is your father”?

What is Ghoul about? We get a final shot of a prisoner’s mouth opening up like a…Ghoul, an evil spirit, that according to dictionary, ‘is supposed to rob graves and feed on dead bodies’. “From the people who brought Insidious and Get Out“, Ghoul seems to be among the new breed of horror film and TV that are as much social commentary as scary.

Directed by British filmmaker Patrick Graham, the film was originally planned as a feature to be released in theatres. But it was turned into a series, and will be out on Netflix on 24 August.

Watch the trailer here:


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