Abishek Bachchan Breathe Trailer Talk

Abhishek Bachchan and Nithya Menen play parents to Siya, a young child who has been kidnapped in Amazon Prime Video’s Breathe-Into The Shadows. The ransom demanded by the masked, husky voiced kidnapper is not money, but murder. Bachchan plays Dr. Avinash, a psychiatrist who is simultaneously slaughtering those the kidnapper asks him to, while figuring out the intent and the identity of this person. 

Amit Sadh investigates the murders, and Nithya Menen plays the supporting wife who will always see her husband as father first, rationalizing the murder and the mind games as casualties of paternal love.  

The murders themselves are to be motivated by anger or lust. What does this mean exactly, we are not told, but we have women tied to cars in lingerie, men being bulldozed, and pigeons flocking out of their cars. What is promised are gruesome murders, and ethical conundrums. 

Produced by Abundantia Entertainment, Breathe- Into The Shadows is created and directed by Mayank Sharma. It streams on Amazon Prime Video from July 10th. 

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