Aaraattu Trailer Talk: Mohanlal Is Not A Gangster, But ‘Lucifer’ In Aaraattu

After several postponements, the film is now scheduled for a theatrical release on February 10
Aaraattu Trailer Talk: Mohanlal Is Not A Gangster, But ‘Lucifer’ In Aaraattu

The ultra-mass trailer of Aaraattu is here and as promised, the film has all signs of a film that will cater to the audience even in the two Telugu states. Said to be set in Chittoor, the film is supposed to be the story of a man from Palakkad who has to move to the Telugu state for a business deal. The trailer opens with a dialogue where Gopan (Mohanlal's character) describes himself. He says, "I'm not a gangster. I'm not a monster. I'm sinister. I'm Lucifer." The film makes another Lucifer reference when Johny Antony completes a famous punch dialogue from the film.

The trailer also shows us the wide range of actors in the film including Shraddha Srinath, who seems to be playing the role of a government official. With generous doses of comedy, including a wisecrack from Siddique, the film is expected to be a blend of comedy and pure action. The dialogues this time includes a line in Kannada too apart from two lines in Telugu. Overall, a pure mass film for the actor after a big break.

Watch the trailer here:

The team had earlier released a teaser for Vishu last year. In the teaser, Mohanlal had just one dialogue which was entirely filled with Rahul Raj's booming BGM. There wasn't even a glimpse of other characters or a hint of the plot. It was mainly a series of stylish slo-mo shots from the film's action scenes.

The only dialogue is surprisingly in Telugu, a big market for the star after Janatha Garage. His character Neyyattinkara Gopan says, "Nenu vaadini champesthaanu," which translates to "I'll kill him," a line famously used by Superstar Balakrishna in his films.

Also titled Neyyattinkara Gopante Aaraattu, the film is co-produced (with Sajeesh Manjery) and directed by B. Unnikrishnan. It is being written by Udaykrishna (from the erstwhile Sibi K Thomas-Udaykrishna duo) who had written Mohanlal's Puli Murugan. Apart from Mohanlal, the film stars Shraddha Srinath, Vijayaraghavan, Siddique, Saikumar, Indrans, Malavika Menon and Rachana Narayanankutty.

Rahul Raj has composed the original songs and he's also in charge of the background score. B Unnikrishnan had previously directed Mohanlal in the superhit Madambi, apart from Grandmaster, Mr.Fraud and Villain.

Mohanlal's most recent release was the Prithviraj-directed Bro Daddy.

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