777 Charlie Teaser Talk: Rakshit Shetty Befriends A Puppy

Directed by Kiranraj K and produced by Paramvah Studios, the film is expected to release later this year.
777 Charlie Teaser Talk: Rakshit Shetty Befriends A Puppy

Puppies have the ability to steal our hearts. Their large and starry eyes will make us turn a blind eye towards the mischief they make. They're babies after all; hence, we can't blame them for their irresponsible behavior. And, maybe, that's why they're our best friends. 

The new Kannada movie 777 Charlie, which is headlined by Rakshit Shetty, seems to have been built on those lines. We're guessing it won't take too much time for Dharma (Rakshit Shetty) to befriend the four-legged puppy, named Charlie, in the movie. The teaser, which is out now on YouTube, features a little dog that runs from one place to another in search of food, water, and probably a home. 

Many buddy comedies, starring a man and a dog, have released in the West and some of them even revolve around murder mysteries. As far as 777 Charlie goes, there are no hints of a killer being chased after by an energetic puppy. So, we shall circle back to that point once the film releases. For now, though, we can sit back and enjoy Charlie's shenanigans in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi. 

The makers haven't announced a release date yet since we're living under the cold sky of lockdowns and curfews. We're hoping that it hits theatres in the second half of the year. Can we end 2021 on a few positive notes at least?

The film stars Rakshit Shetty, Sangeetha Sringeri, Raj B Shetty, Danish Sait and Bobby Simha. It's produced by G S Gupta and Rakshit Shetty, and written and directed by Kiranraj K. The film has music by Nobin Paul and cinematography by Arvind S Kashyap.

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