Nimisha Sajayan

Best Performances Of July 2021

From Nimisha Sajayan in Malik to Vikrant Massey in Haseen Dillruba, here is a list of exceptional performances this month,…

Nayattu: When Ruthless Practicality Becomes The Norm

Martin Prakkat and Shahi Kabir's Nayattu is a road movie with an undertone of unsettling tension and grey morality

Malik: About And Against Oppression, Both Systemic And Systematic

Even though the film is an understated version of the benevolent crime lord's rise and fall, the overall treatment and…

Why Fahadh Faasil Is Not Convincing As The Older Suleiman Ali In Malik

There is no obvious fatigue that comes with age in Ali Ikka’s body language, no visible markers of ageing

Malik: When Power, Politics And Relationships Intersect

Malik is more than just an epic crime film. It is a story of friendships turned sour, of greed and…

Review Of Malik, On Amazon Prime Video: A Rewarding Gangster Saga And A Fresh Update On Both Nayakan and Godfather

Even minor characters have a way of coming back later on to show us their impact and place. And that’s…

Malik, On Amazon Prime Video, Examines The Tragic Interplay Of Religion And Violence

Fahadh Faasil combines delicate melancholy with majesty and becomes, in every way, a malik

Nayattu: A Hunt Where The Hunters Become Hunted

If I have to choose a favourite film amongst the Malayalam releases of 2021, I will have to pick the…

The Basic Idea Of Nayattu Came From A Real-Life Incident: Shahi Kabir

“There’s no plan for a second part,” says the screenwriter.

Nayattu, On Netflix, Is Worth Watching And Arguing About

The film doesn’t peddle in blacks and whites. The villain here is the larger machinery

One, On Netflix With Mammootty, Is A Middling Film Driven By A Political Fantasy

The film has its heart in the right place. It made me strangely optimistic about the country, if only we…

Nayattu Is An Object Lesson On How To Subvert A Thriller Template

Unlike the usual, glossy thrillers, Nayattu is very rooted.