Four Things We Learnt About P!nk From A New Documentary On Amazon Prime Video 

P!nk: All I Know So Far follows her on the European leg of the tour, culminating in a massive performance at London’s Wembley Stadium
Four Things We Learnt About P!nk From A New Documentary On Amazon Prime Video 

P!nk, the stage name of Alecia Moore, is one of America's most successful musicians and performers of the last two decades. Her most well-known songs include "Lady Marmalade", "Just Give Me a Reason", "Get the Party Started" and "Just Like a Pill". She has released eight studio albums and been on seven world tours, the most recent of which was the Beautiful Trauma World Tour, to promote her seventh album, Beautiful Trauma. It was the second highest-grossing tour by a solo female artist. A new documentary, P!nk: All I Know So Far, released to Amazon Prime Video last week, follows her on the European leg of the tour, culminating in a massive performance at London's Wembley Stadium. The documentary film is directed by Michael Gracey, who previously directed The Greatest Showman. It focusses on P!nk's rehearsals and her relationship with her children – eight-year-old Willow Sage and two-year-old Jameson Moon – and husband, Carey Hart, who accompany her on the tour. Here are some things we learnt about her from the film:

Gymnastics + Vocals

When she was a child, Alecia was a gymnast. She would practise and work out five times a week, sometimes even missing school for it. She remembers attending a concert by Cher at that time and seeing all the amazing acrobats dancing and performing behind Cher. She wondered why she couldn't combine the two – be able to sing and also perform. She learnt that it was because a singer used her diaphragm to sing, while a gymnast used hers to cartwheel and turn in the air. But she took it as a challenge, and this became P!nk's calling card: the breathtaking acrobatics she combines with her singing. In the film, when she performs at Wembley Stadium, her show-stopping stunt is being attached to a harness that sends her zooming way over the audience's heads, while also allowing her to cavort and somersault. As she says, "I'm a better singer upside down!"

Back-up Singers and Dancers

P!nk hates auditioning new dancers and back-up singers for her tours. She'd rather pick the best ones and stick with them through all her performances: "Let them be eighty-five on that stage, 'cause I'm gonna be." She always tours with the same group of performers, creating a sense of mutual trust. "It's not hard to keep those people once you find them," she says. "You just have to treat them well."


The big theme of the film is parenting. P!nk is a very hands-on mother. Spending time with her children is most important to her and they accompany her to all her rehearsals. Willow even makes an appearance onstage in several shows. (She was recently featured on her mother's single, "Cover Me in Sunshine".) P!nk listens to them, talks to them and often reflects on the nature of being a mother in her profession. Growing up, she had a strained relationship with her parents and she wanted her relationship with her children to be as different as possible. She remembers her mother telling her once with tears in her eyes, "I just never knew parenting could be this enjoyable until I saw you do it."

Moments Alone

As a full-time pop star and a full-time mum, P!nk is surrounded constantly by other people: at home, when performing, at rehearsal, on tour, on holiday. Her children are with her even seconds before she bursts on stage. The only time she is on her own is when she is having her make-up and hair done. She used to do them herself, but soon realised the value of professional help. But she still does her own hair. It's because, "number one, I don't have that much," but also because "it's pretty much the only time I get to be alone, in my world." She describes it as a meditative space, a ritual she likes doing every time. "And also, no-one can do this hair quite like I can!"

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