Now Streaming: Movies And TV Shows To Watch This Week

Fyre, True Detective Season 3, Jeopardy and more - we recommend the best of the old and new from across streaming platforms
Now Streaming: Movies And TV Shows To Watch This Week

What to watch at home this week? Which is the best series to watch? What about the movies to watch this weekend? Which are the best TV shows to binge? NOW STREAMING makes your search simpler.

Red Hot

What: Fyre

Where: Netflix

Who: With the tagline "The Greatest Party That Never Happened", this is a behind-the-scenes investigation of what went into the colossal debacle called Fyre Festival in 2017. There's another shorter documentary called Fyre Fraud which premiered on Hulu just days back in January but this one by Netflix speaks to a lot more people involved in the racket and how it affected so many lives in so many ways.

Why: When you say the same lie over and over again, it starts becoming the truth for a lot of people. And when the lie is shared by the biggest influencers in the world, it becomes the Bible for the millennials. That's what happened with "the visionary organiser" Billy McFarland and his multimillion-dollar scam in the form of a luxury music festival on a virgin beach in the Bahamas replete with private villas and bikini supermodels. The Fyre Festival got overbooked within hours of its launch and then everything started going downhill as the real face of Billy emerged to his colleagues and his business associates.

Fyre is a riveting watch from start to finish, making reality more entertaining than fiction. It's fascinating in the way the FOMO-stricken youth got instantly drawn to the festival and then infuriating in the way Billy turned out to be less of a genius entrepreneur and more of a compulsive sociopath. What he started doing even after being arrested by the FBI and then somehow getting out on bail, has to be seen to be believed.

Kendall Jenner supposedly took $250,000 for one Instagram post about the Fyre Festival. Now that is an official benchmark for social media influencers.

Just Dropped

What: True Detective Season 3

Who: After the knockout first season and the disappointing second season, True Detective returns under the watchful eyes of the man who can do no wrong, Mahershala Ali. Four of the eight episodes of the third season are out and the good news is that this one is a cracker. Ali plays retired detective Wayne Hays who is on the brink of memory loss as he tries to recount his 1980 case where two Arkansas kids had gone missing a week after Halloween. There is a third time period on the show, of 1990, and the changing hairstyle of Ali's Hays is the visual clue.

Why: You can't take your eyes off Mahershala Ali. In what is yet another unforgettable characterisation, this time of a black detective in an all-white town, Ali makes the Vietnam veteran Hays a mysterious loner whom you cannot read at all times. The 70-year-old avatar particularly is such a beautifully nuanced portrayal and how they pulled off that make-up on Ali is quite astonishing. Also, purely in terms of the mystery unfolding, True Detective 3 works and keeps you waiting eagerly for the next episode. Catch the first episode and trust me you'll be hooked, trying to solve the case yourself.

Hidden Gem

What: Jeopardy!

Where: Netflix

Who: If you are a quiz buff, you've heard of this show which has been running since 1964 and the 35th season premiered last year on NBC in September. Created by Merv Griffin (remember the episode in Seinfeld?), the quiz show has gone on to win a record 33 Daytime Emmy Awards. Since 1984, Jeopardy! has been hosted by Alex Trebek who's become like the face of the show. The format of the show has three contestants in every episode fight over three rounds where answers are given out in pre-decided subjects and they have to press the buzzer first and frame the correct questions to those answers.

Why: It's a no-nonsense quiz show where the contestants truly know their general knowledge. The two seasons available on Netflix are Tournament of Champions – where past champions fight it out – and Battle of the Decades – where contestants from the 70s and 80s turn up for a nostalgic journey down quiz lane. While many of the subjects are a bit too American for comfort, there are others which are fun, with fascinating bits of trivia. Dive in!

Did You Know

The Richard Gere-Ed Norton-starrer Primal Fear is now streaming on Netflix.

Gus Van Sant's Paranoid Park is now streaming on Mubi.

The festival favourite documentary Havana Motor Club is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Debra Granik's critically acclaimed film Leave No Trace is now streaming on Hooq.

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