The Chef Show Now Streaming Netflix

You must be binge-watching Big Little Lies 2 or still raving about Chernobyl but under the heap of these trending shows are these couple of streaming gems that cannot be missed.


What: The Chef Show

Where: Netflix

Why: If you’ve loved Chef the movie, chances are you’ll love The Chef Show. The latter’s a recently released Netflix original documentary but with director Jon Favreau (also the director of the Iron Man films and Jungle Book and the upcoming Lion King movie) behind the wok, there’s a constant sense of deja vu. Cooking alongside Favreau is his culinary advisor from Chef, Roy Choi (famous for his Korean American taco truck Kogi). And yes, they cook all those now-famous food from the film – from the cubano sandwich to the aglio olio pasta that Favreau’s Chef Casper had plated up for Scarlett Johansson.

But that’s not the USP of the show. On every episode, Favreau gets his Hollywood buddies to join him and Choi, as they rustle up one delicious dish after another. On the very first episode, Choi cooks Caribbean pepper pot stew for the lady who played Pepper Potts, Gwyneth Paltrow! Meta, we agree. Of course, the episode went viral because Paltrow actually forgot that she was in Spider-Man: Homecoming!

Coming back to the food, while there is a separate episode called Chef Film Recipes, The Chef Show actually goes way deeper than just handing out the hit recipes from the hit movie. It pays tribute to late food writer Jonathan Gold, traces LA’s food truck history and understands the finer details of delicacies like beignets and briskets. Yes, Robert Downey Jr appears and so does Robert Rodriguez but you’ll watch The Chef Show for the glorious food and the tasty chemistry between Jon and Choi.

Rating: Bingeworthy


What: Euphoria

Where: Hotstar Premium (uncensored) & Star World (censored) from September

Why: It’s like Requiem For A Dream updated for 2019. Just that these kids have no dream. An extremely bleak, almost nihilistic view of daily lives of contemporary adolescents, this show is unlike anything you have watched before. Compared to this, Sex Education was like kindergarten college. At the centre of the show is Rue (Zendaya who played MJ in the Spider-Man films) who’s a rehab-returned drug addict and whose passive, almost reluctant, voiceover guides you into this scary, scarred world of high school students where sex and drugs are like currency.

Written and directed by Sam Levinson (son of filmmaker Barry Levinson), Euphoria zooms in on an American suburb where parents hardly have any knowledge or control over what their teenager sons and daughters are upto. The kids (if you can call them so) all land up at this big party in town which is almost half of the pilot episode. At the party you are either snorting cocaine or drinking yourself silly or fucking publicly in the swimming pool. Hardly an ounce of love anywhere (except the character of Chris McKay), the sex and the choice of partner(s) are indiscriminate and there are (hash) brownie points if you are called a “slut”.

But the show promises a glimmer of hope in the final moments of the first episode. That lies in the possible friendship between Rue and Jules, who’s just moved to this suburb. Both badly broken from inside – Jules physically too – they might go on to repair each other’s souls in the coming episodes. Like it’s the norm with most HBO shows, only one episode of Euphoria is released every week. And yes, it’s for audiences above 18.

Rating: Hardcore. Not for everyone.

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