Now Streaming: 8 TV Shows That Had Great Final Seasons

From Breaking Bad to Veep, here’s looking back at the shows which ended on a winning note, rather than go out the Game of Thrones way
Now Streaming: 8 TV Shows That Had Great Final Seasons

The curtains came down on Bojack Horseman and The Good Place in these last few days. Before the withdrawal symptoms creep in and the rewatching of earlier seasons starts, either comes deep satisfaction or infuriating frustration over the final season. Here's looking back at the shows which ended on a winning note, rather than go out the Game of Thrones way.

Breaking Bad

Epic is an understatement in the way Walter White's story came to a close. With Hank the brother-in-law top cop finally learning about the real identity of Heisenberg, the final season built up beautifully to the last episode and although we all must have guessed how it would end, we enjoyed every moment of it.


The emotional truth to the six characters in their final outing worked perfectly with the fans. You can think of many ways that Ross and Rachel's story could have finished but none of the closures would have hit the spot as much as the actual one did.

Mad Men

This was a series which didn't believe in tying up loose ends but rather mapping the road ahead for the main characters. It was satisfying in a very looking-ahead kind of a way… because you cared for Peggy and Stan, Betty and Sally… and Don Draper!

The Sopranos

We still talk about that ending, don't we? Much before those weddings in Game of Thrones, the finale of this show had us going: "What just happened?" That a show could start a debate and leave us guessing years later about what actually happened to Tony, Carmela, Meadow and Anthony Jr is what masterpieces are made of.

The Americans

The penultimate season hadn't worked but the showrunners pulled things back by placing Mr and Mrs Jennings on two opposite sides of the net. Also, they had a brilliant twist in the tale that no one saw coming, except FBI agent Stan.


Despite a recovering Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the show didn't let up its wild, absurd humour in its final season, as one of the greatest comic ensembles of all time played it to the gallery – and how – one last time. The writing, clever as always, managed to find that tough balance of being dark, yet hopeful about American politics.

Six Feet Under

More than the entire final season, that final flash-forward montage in the final episode remains absolutely unforgettable as we see the death of every member of the main cast we had grown so attached to. Heartbreaking, yet precious.

30 Rock

If one show needed to go out on a high, it had to be this one which perhaps changed the very nature of comedy on television after Seinfeld, which didn't exactly finish strong. And Jack and Liz ensured that the final season continued to bask in their inimitable brand of weirdly funny. Now can we have Blimpies for lunch?

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