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Amazon Prime Video has an exciting line-up for you this month. Here’s a list of what’s new on the platform:

Indian Originals:

Modern Love Hyderabad (July 8)

Similar to its predecessors, Modern Love: Hyderabad explores the charming shades of love and life through the stories of six individuals.

Hindi Movies:

Samrat Prithviraj (July 1)

Watch Akshay Kumar’s first historical drama as he portrays King Prithviraj Chauhan in an all-out war against Mohammed Ghori. The film also depicts the epic love story between Priviraj Maharaj and his wife, Sanyogita.

Other Languages:

Critical Keerthanegalu (July 12)

This Kannada dramedy follows the sweeping phenomenon of IPL betting and its debilitating effects on people’s lives.

Jayanthi (July 12)

Santya is a local goon with deeply-entrenched ideas of racism and bigotry, fed to him by a partisan politician. He, however, soon realises that personal gains drive these sentiments. The Marathi film delves into narratives of casteism and communal hatred.


International Originals:

The Terminal List (July 1)

A beleaguered Navy SEAL is the sole survivor of a mission that goes awry. As he tries to find answers about the botched operation, he finds a larger conspiracy at play.

Bang Bang Baby (July 1)

What happens when an Italian teenager learns that the father she thought was long dead is not only alive but is also a member of the mafia? She joins him.

Don’t Make Me Go (July 15)

Upon learning that he is terminally ill, a single father decides to take one last road trip with his teenage daughter leading them to discover love, hope and lasting faith through each other.

Anything’s Possible  (July 22)

In this warm, heady high-school drama, a boy asks out a classmate he has a crush on – who also happens to be a transwoman. Their story inevitably leads them to drama, joy and abiding lessons.


Paper Girls (July 29)

Based on the comic book series of the same name, Paper Girls is a sci-fi drama that follows the quest of four young girls who find themselves zapped into the future, in the midst of a raging war caused by the misuse of time travel. The group must decide which side to fight for.


Express S1 (July 14)

Bárbara Vásquez, a brilliant criminal psychologist, becomes the victim of an “express kidnapping” – a small-scale abduction, usually carried out by forcing the victim to withdraw cash from an ATM – and begins working with a team that can bring an end to such a crime.

La Unidad (July 26)

The Spanish crime drama follows the aftermath of the world’s most-wanted terrorist being arrested by the Spanish police only to become the target of mass, violent threats.

Recommendation in collaboration with Amazon Prime Video.

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