the summer i turned pretty

After the hit series To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, we now have a brand-new adaptation to look forward to — The Summer I Turned Pretty, a series quoted by The Guardian as your guaranteed “new obsession”. The trailer of the Amazon Prime Video show allowed us a glimpse into the evocative charm of Jenny Han’s book: idyllic beaches, a love triangle, and the terrible, wonderful choices that accompany a coming-of-age story (all with Taylor Swift’s ‘This Love’ debuting in the background!).

Directed by Erica Dunton, Jeff Chan and Jesse Peretz, the series revolves around Isabel, or Belly (newcomer Lola Tung), who has always been in love with Conrad (Christopher Briney), one of the two sons of her mother’s best friend. She spends every summer with the boys at Cousin’s Beach and this summer was going to be no different; except it is. Belly is slowly growing into a woman and it has never been as evident as it is now. To her surprise, not only does she have Conrad’s attention but also his brother Jeremiah’s (Gavin Casalegno) flirtation. Ahead of an exciting debutante ball, Belly must decide whom she chooses before she breaks someone’s heart.

Interwoven into this eight-episode triangle is the theme of resolute friendship, embodied by the life-long camaraderie shared by the two mothers (Jackie Chung and Rachel Blanchard). As Belly’s own relationship with her best friend turns tumultuous, her mother is seen telling her: “Boys come and go, but a best friend is once in a lifetime.”

Author Jenny Han has not only written the pilot of the series but will also be co-showrunner with Gabrielle Stanton of The Flash fame. This is evident in the trailer — it packs all the warmth, confusion and yearning we expect from a Young Adult story. Look for the series on Amazon Prime Video on June 17th.

Recommendation in collaboration with Amazon Prime Video.

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