What To Watch On Amazon Prime Video In June 2022

Here is a list of some exciting releases for the month of June so that you don’t have to look too far
What To Watch On Amazon Prime Video In June 2022

Amazon Prime Video has an exciting line-up for you this month. Here's a list of what's new on the platform:

International Originals:

The Boys S3 (June 3)

Do all superheroes need to be good? What happens when superheroes start abusing their power? The Boys might just be the most real and funniest answer to this question. The new season unveils the legend of the first Superhero: Soldier Boy.

Backstage with Katherine Ryan S1 (June 9)

Comedian Katherine Ryan takes us backstage to take a peek at what really goes on behind a comedy show. The show promises unscripted, unexpected and hilarious twists.

Fairfax S2 (June 10)

Four teenagers continue on their never-ending quest for popularity and clout in this adult animated comedy series. The new season explores what looks like an AI romance, burgeoning sexuality and brand new chaos.

The Summer I Turned Pretty S1 (June 17)

From the author of To All The Boys I've Loved Before comes The Summer I Turned Pretty. Just as the title teases, the story follows the love triangle that develops between three teenagers when two boys suddenly start seeing how pretty their life-long friend has become over the summer. If you're looking for the warmth, fun and yearning of YA, this one is for you.

The Pogmentary S1 (June 17)

Hailed already as a must-see for all Manchester United fans, the documentary focuses on one of the world's leading midfielders, Paul Pogba. The documentary takes a deep dive into the athlete's childhood and conversations with friends, family and teammates.

The Lake S1 (June 17)

The Lake revolves around Justin's hilarious attempt to reconnect with his biological daughter whom he gave up for adoption as a teen and to reclaim the family cottage left by his father to his seemingly perfect step-sister.

Kick Like Tayla (June 17)

Kick Like Tayla is a raw and unprecedented glimpse into AFLW player and boxing champion, Tayla Harris' life. The documentary will explore her personal and professional challenges in depth.

The One That Got Away S1 (June 24)

Would you be friends with someone who dated your ex? The series explores the unlikely friendship that develops between three women when they realise that they all, at some point in their lives, dated the same guy.

Chloe S1 (June 24)

Becky stalks people on Instagram as we all do, except for one whom she keeps returning to: Chloe. So when Chloe mysteriously dies, Becky needs to know what happened. What lengths will she go to find out?

My Fake Boyfriend (June 24)

Starring Flash's Keiynan Lonsdale, Dylan Sprouse and Modern Family's Sarah Hyland the comedy-drama series follows the hilarity and aftermath of creating a 'fake online boyfriend' to make a lover jealous.

Asap Rocky: Stockholm Syndrome (June 24)

In 2019, American rapper Asap Rocky was arrested for assault and placed under solitary confinement in Stockholm, Sweden. The documentary will showcase his life and career as he fought for freedom from incarceration.

International Movies:

Who we are (June 2)

A feature-length documentary brilliantly intertwines a narrative of lectures, personal anecdotes and revelations to chronicle the history of racism in America.

Agent Game (June 2)

In this fast-paced, action-packed spy thriller, a CIA officer finds himself to be the target of a rendition operation when he tries to tell the truth about the death of an interrogation suspect.

Compartment No. 6 (June 6)

Two strangers stuck in a tiny train compartment for a long ride discover the hard truths of human connection, changing their perspective on life.

Who You Gonna Call (June 8)

Who You Gonna Call explores the life of the genius behind the smash-hit Ghostbusters theme song, Ray Park Jr. The musician escaped the brutal 1967 Detroit riots to become the prolific guitarist, singer and songwriter he is today.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (June 8)

Your favourite blue hedgehog is back, fighting the return of Dr. Robotnik who has teamed up with a new ally, Knuckles The Echidna. Sonic teams up with his own sidekick, Tails, and together they embark on a globe-trotting journey to find the emerald before it falls into the wrong hands.

Infinite Storm (June 14)

Infinite Storm revolves around the resolve of an experienced climber who, in the face of a huge blizzard, vows to get another stranded man back to safety.

Morbius (June 16)

Marvel fans rejoice! The fantastical tale of the dangerously ill Dr. Morbius takes a dark turn when he gambles with an experimental drug and turns himself into a vampire.

Down with King (June 28)

A rapper is sent to a small-town farming community by his manager but things go awry when the rapper embraces the slow life and decides to retire. The film marks the cinematic debut of renowned rapper Freddie Gibbs.

Mothering Sunday (June 30)

On the Mother's Day of 1924, a couple gives their housekeeper, Jane, the day off to celebrate the engagement of a friend, without realising that Jane has been having a secret affair with the same friend for years. The story chronicles Jane's plan to meet her lover before he leaves to marry another woman.

The Duke (June 30)

In a dramedy based on a true story, a 60-year-old taxi driver steals Goya's portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery in London.

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