8 Burning Questions We Have After That Explosive Mirzapur 2 Finale

Following the events of the Mirzapur 2 finale and where key characters were left, here are eight questions we had about what lies in store for them in season 3. 
8 Burning Questions We Have After That Explosive Mirzapur 2 Finale

Spoilers ahead

Season 2 of Mirzapur saw the show go bigger and wider by adding a host of new players into the mix. In true Mirzapur fashion, the second season of Amazon Prime Video's gangster saga ended with an explosive shootout leaving key characters dead, on the run or coming out on top, and leaving us with much to discuss. 

In that final shootout Guddu, Golu and their goons went in all guns blazing and stormed the unsuspecting Tripathis. The lengthy gun fight concluded with Guddu and Golu finally seeing their quest for revenge fulfilled by killing Munna, while a mortally wounded Kaleen Bhaiya managed to escape. In the closing scene, we see a now victorious Guddu finally sit on the throne of Mirzapur.

Meanwhile in Bihar, a similar shootout took place within the Tyagi household, leaving one of the two Vijay Varmas dead. What first appeared to be Bade as the surviving twin, is later revealed to be Chote posing as his brother, in the post credits scene. 

Following the events of season 2 finale and where key characters were left, here are eight questions we had about what lies in store for them in season 3. 

Who The Hell Is Robin?

The most animated new character to join the Mirzapur universe this season was Robin, played by Priyanshu Painyuli. Robin is one of the few characters on the show that doesn't appear to be a key player looking to make moves and grab power. His entire presence this season was largely to serve as a love interest for Dimpy. Which is the very thing that makes us suspicious as hell. He's been careful to divulge nothing about himself, frequently changing the story of his background, leading us to believe that there are hidden allegiances and agendas afoot. Current fan theories include that he's Munna's half brother or potentially an agent of Sharad.

Why Did Sharad Save Kaleen Bhaiya?

While he began the season on a quest for revenge much like Guddu and Golu, Sharad's moves this season have been odd, frequently changing his strategy and making recalculations. While his role in the finale seemed like it would be obvious after he pitted Munna and Kaleen Bhaiya against each other and turned up with his men ready to strike, he surprised us by deciding to hold back and not take his chance at revenge. He watched Guddu and Golu's assault on the Tripathis but chose not to interfere even when he had a clear shot at Guddu (who killed his father). Instead, Sharad chose to save Kaleen Bhaiya, who's also technically an enemy. What calculations were going through his mind in that moment and why he saw this as the best move, only season 3 can answer.

Is A Power Struggle Between Guddu And Golu Inevitable?

Guddu and Golu began the season with a common goal after the loss of their loved ones Dimpy and Bablu. But as the season unfolded, we saw rifts begin to emerge in their differing tactics. With Munna now dead and their thirst for vengeance quenched, what remains to be answered is how they'll rule Mirzapur together. There can only be one on the throne.

Will Kaleen Bhaiya Find Out About Beena's Betrayal ?

Kaleen Bhaiya is now a man who's lost everything as a direct result of his wife Beena's carefully orchestrated plan, which he still knows nothing about. His entire family has been massacred, he's lost his power, throne, kingdom, and will have to start from scratch. That's also what makes him the most threatening player. We've seen his brutality come out in moments, but so far he's largely been a composed and calculating ruler. What he now becomes is something we can't wait to find out.

What Lies Ahead For Maqbool?

Kaleen Bhaiya's loyal but deadly right hand man is now a free agent. After Munna killed his family he's now broken off from the Tripathis and all bets are off. The question remains of what role he'll now play and whether he'll go for the throne himself. A popular fan theory doing the rounds is that he'll join Guddu and serve as his new right hand man.

What Will Become Of Guddu's Father?

Ramakant Pandit was the rare character who sought justice in this lawless world. The season finale saw him work with the cops to bring his son Guddu to justice by arresting him only to later find out the cops planned to kill him in a fake encounter. To save his son,  he was left with no choice but to kill Inspector Maurya. As a result, he's now become the very thing he's fought against his entire life. While he maintains that he will turn himself in, as with all things in the bloody world of Mirzapur, we know it won't be that easy.

Will Chote Seek Revenge Against Golu?

The post credits scene showed us it's actually Chote who survived the shootout who's merely posing as his brother. What remains to be seen is what he does next after his entire world was turned upside down after he realised that Golu didn't share his feelings and was merely using him, a revelation that cost the life of his brother.  Chances are, we'll see Chote embark on his own quest for vengeance against Golu.

Who's The Real Father Of Beena's Son?

While Beena masterfully manipulated Raja, Kaleen Bhaiya and Bauji, convincing them all that they're each the father, we still don't know the truth. Due to his inability to perform sexually, chances are it's either Bauji or Raja (both now dead). What also remains to be seen is whether  Guddu sticks to his end of their bargain and lets Beena's son take over the throne when he comes of age. We're willing to bet otherwise.

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