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Is Sara’s Sara’s Choice?
Theres Sudeep
5 min read
Sara's has been well received for its introduction of a taboo topic into the mainstream. But does it enforce as many norms as it shatters?
Sudeep On Dhananjaya & Gurudev Hoysala: It’s An Achievement That He's Done 25 Films Since His Debut
Team FC
1 min read
Directed by Vijay N, Gurudev Hoysala is an action entertainer that is slated to hit the screens on March 30
Vikrant Rona on Disney+ Hotstar Movie Review: Kichcha Sudeep And Anup Bhandari Work Up Some Magic
Subha J Rao
4 min read
The film’s layered writing and the superb tech crew bring alive Anup’s vision.
Cinematographer Sudeep Chatterjee On Creating The ‘Sanjay Leela Bhansali Look’ For Padmaavat And Bajirao Mastani
Arun Fulara
4 min read
The ace technician talks about the paintings that inspired him, improvising with director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and shooting the Jauhar scene
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