Review Of Bombhaat On Amazon Prime Video: An Instant “So-Terrible-It’s-Great” Hall Of Famer

Director: Raghavendra Varma

Cast: Sai Sushanth Reddy, Simran Chowdary, Chandini Chowdary

Bombhaat, directed by Raghavendra Varma, begins with a quote that’s more a disclaimer than anything else. It quotes Alfred Hitchcock’s “Where logic starts, drama ends.” It helps to an extent, because you soon stop looking for logic in this story about a man with terrible luck. When he was born, his father suffers a stroke, leaving him paralysed on one side. Later, when Vicky (Sai Sushant Reddy) walks into a businessman’s house, the share prices of his company tumble. When Vicky’s lover’s grandmother sees him for the first time, she gets a cardiac arrest and dies. Despite all of this, he doesn’t seem half as unlucky as anyone who had to sit through Bombhaat.

Bombhaat is a film that tries to be many things. It wants to be quirky in the way we accept not one, but two mad scientists as central characters. But it’s also terribly conventional in the way it plants a cliched love story right at the centre. And then it goes into a triangular love zone where it’s not just about two humans anymore. It’s not anything we haven’t seen before in films like Enthiran but this film wants to give it a rom-comish spin, or shall we call this one a rom-comp?

But there’s no follow through with any one of these ideas. The whole ‘bad luck’ angle is abandoned for a long while. We get a silly AF fight between the film’s lead couple and then we get a whole jealousy angle that’s immature even for six-year-olds. Nothing sticks and no one matters in this black hole of all things fun. Characters are killed off randomly. Fight scenes break out of nowhere and we get random songs, including one that is set inside a giant bear trap. What more is there to say about a film that makes 2020 seem like a very good year?

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