Language: Tamil

Cast: Ajith, Nayanthara, Jagapathi Babu

Director: Siva

1) After an international spy thriller (Vivegam), Viswasam is the director-actor duo of Siva and Ajith returning to some home-cooked food and comfort. The film is set in a village near Theni and it’s just so pleasant to see Thala in a veshti being given the opportunity to relax and joke around a little.

2) This must be the 13000th film in which Thambi Ramiah plays the ‘mama’ character to the hero. And in true Siva style, most of the comedy scenes are flat and unfunny. The saving grace, though, comes in the form of Vivek who has one hilarious running gag.

3) Nayanthara has done similar roles even before but she still manages to pull off the no-nonsense heroine role so well. It also helps that she continues to look amazing, especially in her more ‘rural’ avatar.

4) Imman is the perfect choice for the film. He just gets how to score a film set in a village. ‘Vettikattu’ and ‘Thalle Thillaaley’ work much better with the video.

5) The reaction in the theatre for the ‘Adchithooku’ song was something else. A Thala film without a major dance number, especially after ‘Aaluma Doluma’, is no longer possible.

6) The film is quite problematic in its portrayal of women. Though it shows a strong character in Nayanthara, who plays a doctor, there seems to be an obvious hint that a woman can only be safe with a man.

7)  It also has a way of romanticizing the woman who chooses family over career when Nayanthara opts for motherhood over a degree from Stanford. The manner in which Ajith’s character refers to her as ‘Madam’, with a hint of sarcasm, doesn’t help either.

8) There’s a really weak flashback in the second half. It is both badly written and awkwardly performed. Saying anymore would reveal too much.

9) Siva needs to be given an award for being the worst ever writer and director of Tamil film villains. He’s perhaps such a nice guy that he’s never ever come across an honest-to-god terrible person.

10) Ultimately, it’s an Ajith film that plays to the strengths of the star. A pre-interval fight scene is amazing for how tailor-made it is for Ajith and so are the dialogues which seem to be the actor talking to his fans. It’s not much, but after Vivegam, we’re just glad it’s a film that meets expectations, however low they were.

Rating:   star

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