Seven Movie Review: So Terrible It’s Awesome, Film Companion

Language: Tamil

Cast: Rahman, Havish, Regina Cassandra

Director: Nizar Shafi

Can you still call it a thriller if you’re laughing right through a film? I swear the last 30 minutes of Seven is the most fun I’ve had in the theatre this year. Period. Of course none of that was intentional but does it matter when such a serious film can make you laugh harder than most comedies?

Seven begins well enough when a drenched woman walks into the police station to tell the cops that her husband has gone missing. The cop interrupts the woman midway and completes the story for her stating how another woman had narrated the same exact scenario. After about 10 times another woman walks in and narrates (though she is speech-impaired this time) the same story of her husband going missing.

Naturally, all three husbands are the same person and three women are part of apparently the most elaborately confusing revenge ploy to get the guy into trouble. And suddenly, before the interval, we even get a ghost (only its hand) caressing the aforementioned police officer. We return after the interval to notice that the entire scene was just for shock value…it had no bearing on the script.

Much like most of what happens in the second half. But the real fun only begins with the flashback. Regina Cassandra makes an entry and wait for it…plays a woman that’s bat-shit crazy. How crazy? When her father refuses to get her married to the guy she loves, she does to him what Shah Rukh does to Shilpa Shetty in Baazigar. It gets even better after. See how the Regina Cassandra has transformed into a fine old psycho, turning naughty at eighty. She even has a pet grey hound for company. Too many spoilers? I personally give you an assurance that you’ll have the time of your life watching Seven. Leave so bad it’s good, Seven is so terrible it’s awesome.

P.S. There’s also a cash reward for anyone who can guess why this film is called Seven.


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