Malaysia To Amnesia, On ZEE5, Feels Like A Hastily Put Together Film

Director: Radha Mohan

Cast: Vaibhav, Karunakaran, MS Bhaskar, Vani Bhojan, Riya Suman

Malaysia To Amnesia is the kind of film where the joke is someone mispronouncing Alzhiemer’s as ‘algebra’. There are four major characters in the film. Arun (Vaibhav) is a successful businessman and his wife, Suja (Vani Bhojan), is a homemaker; they also have a cute little kid. There’s Mannar (MS Bhaskar), their uncle, and he’s always very suspicious of various things. He is especially suspicious about Arun pretending to have amnesia. Arun’s best friend is Prabhu, played by Karunakaran and his lines sort of work. 

Suja and Mannar have a scene where they’re fighting. Mannar, being her uncle, tells her ‘unna thookki valathen ma’ and she says ‘neenga thookkalenna naa valandhirukka maatteena?’ I actually giggled a bit but I don’t know if it was because the line was actually funny or because the rest of the film was so unfunny. 

There’s another type of unfunny joke in this film. Prabhu invites Arun to a party. But Arun needs to go out of town. Prabhu says ‘thalaiyaavadhu kaattittu poda,’ for which Arun says ‘illa machi, mudinjidhunna naa thala, thalapathy, superstar ellamey kaamchiruppen’. In comparison to this one there’s another joke that’s kind of funny: there’s a rowdy in the film called Palanivelu but they call him Elanivelu because he seevifies heads of people. 

The story is about Arun having an affair and trying his best not to get caught by his wife and uncle. So, he pretends to have amnesia. But the whole thing plays out like Sathi Leelavathi without the jokes. Even the dramatic parts are written like a TV serial, like something hastily put together. There is a scene where Suja tries to rekindle Arun’s memories by talking about their marriage but it’s so generic. Why not write romantic lines for her? Instead, you get a random and generic story. 

It feels like the makers got a week to make a movie and went at it with full force saying: all I want is to make a movie without worrying about quality.

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