Sei Movie Review: A Fun And Thrilling Road Drama…Sans The Fun, Thrills And Drama

The film plays out exactly like one would imagine...but not in a good sense
Sei Movie Review: A Fun And Thrilling Road Drama…Sans The Fun, Thrills And Drama

Language: Tamil

Cast: Nakhul, Nassar, Prakash Raj

Director: Raj Babu

One of the sub-plots in director Raj Babu's Sei (Just Do It) is that of Nila (Aanchal Munjal) and her group of wannabe filmmakers trying to find a script to make into a film. They first pitch a mythological like Bahubali and then a sci-fi drama like Enthiran to a Kodambakkam producer played by Manobala. Unimpressed, the producer wants these amateurs to find an 'interesting character' and weave a story around him/her. Everything else will fall into place, he says.

It's what Sei's director thinks he's doing when we're introduced to 'Saravadi Saravanan' (Nakhul), an aspiring actor and small-time model – he's the 'interesting character' Nila has been looking for. What sets him apart, you ask? He's the kind of guy who plays petty tricks on people just so he and his buddies can make enough money to hit the Tasmac shop.  How original, no?

But things change when his ambulance-driver father gets a heart attack. He becomes a stand-in driver and takes up a lucrative-but-shady offer to transport a dead body. Mid-way through the journey, he learns that the relatives accompanying the body aren't really relatives. They're part of an elaborate organsmuggling gang and the body is of a journalist who tried to expose them.

From a comedy, the film changes gears and becomes a thriller and the rest of Sei plays out exactly like one would imagine. An obvious second-half flashback, a twist so twisted that it's funny and songs (including a Sufi number) that have no place in the film. Also, does Nila finally end up making a film based on Saravanan? No one knows.

Ironically, this film about organ smugglers is missing a beating heart… and a ticking brain.

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