Review Of Tsunami, Out Now On Neestream: An Unfunny SMS Forward Stretched Into A Full-Length Absurd Comedy

Tsunami, directed by Lal and Lal Jr., is a film you should try narrating to yourself once you’ve finished watching it. You understand where it begins and how it ends but chances are, everything in between is a blur. That’s largely because Tsunami is not a film. It’s two penis jokes tied together to form a buttload of nonsense.

It begins when Bobby (Balu Varghese) travels to Goa to join a seminary. On his way there, he walks into the ladies toilet by accident, placing him in an extremely embarrassing situation. He changes his mind and returns home having lost his face. This is explained in 15 minutes and what you get after is an assembly line of innuendos inserted into the silliest of situations.

But silly is a good thing in a comedy no one’s taking seriously, no? But in this, the silliness is used as an excuse to manufacture completely avoidable problems. Like an excuse Bobby makes up to not deal with a particular issue. Even if we assume these characters are fools, there’s only so much of your imagination you can stretch to get here.

Which means that more than half the film rests on an idea that makes no sense. Even typical comedy scenes of this team that usually work in isolation come across as loud and crass. Everyone seems to be shouting their lines and the punches are always delivered below the belt. With a barrage of wife jokes and a lot of transphobia, the film feels like a long, long chat with a drunk uncle who thinks he’s funny. The idea, by Innocent, is at best an OK ‘non-veg joke’. It deserved 120 characters, but not 120 minutes.

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