Ungli Movie Review, Film Companion

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Randeep Hooda, Kangana Ranaut, Sanjay Dutt

Director: Rensil D’Silva

Ungli is a half-baked, laughably simplistic drama about a gang of do-gooders who decide, and I quote here, to show the system the finger.

A journalist, a medical intern, a mechanic and a computer engineer don masks and set out to fix the many injustices in Mumbai city. he motto of the Ungli gang is ‘Jab ghee seedhi aur tedhi, dono ungliyon se nahin nikle, toh beech ka rasta apnaana padhta hai’.

Director Rensil D’Silva is clearly interested in creating entertainment with a social conscience. Ungli packs a few punches, but mostly, Ungli is gleefully silly.

The friends — played by Randeep Hooda, Kangana Ranaut, Neil Bhoopalam and Angad Bedi — actually create an office space in an industrial shed, complete with computers and graffiti.

Hooda is Abhay, an investigative television journalist who uses his Ungli gang identity to further his love affair with a colleague. There’s also Sanjay Dutt as an honest cop and Emraan Hashmi as a roguish cop who calls in a fake bomb threat just so he can meet an ex-girlfriend.

The story is interesting, but it plays out at such an amateurish level that you can’t take any of it seriously. The film is filled with fine actors but none of the characters has any meat on it. I felt especially bad for Kangana, who is totally wasted here. Ungli feels dated and tedious. A story like this needed to hit a lot harder.

Rating:   star

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