The Heist Isn’t Over Yet

You can’t resist but binge watch Money Heist on Netflix, only hoping that the show goes on and on
The Heist Isn’t Over Yet

After a year's wait, they are still in their red jumpsuits, wearing the Salvador Dali masks; continuing their ongoing second heist. Part 3 left us hanging with the plan failing— with Raquel's fake execution they captured the Professor's mind. It seems that the professor never works without backup, with all the permutations and combinations, they always have a way out.

The season begins with chaos all over, the gang members are overwhelmed with handling Nairobi's forced surgery, there are trouble makers—Palermo and Arturo, internal fights and a couple of new plans to escape the mint. We see a new leader in Tokyo, taking charge of the situation. Her character has grown immensely. The narrator of the series, she is also the Professor's right hand. It can be said that though Professor formulated the heist, Tokyo executed it.

But things are different now, the are not just gang members with city names. Like Marseilles says: Emotions should not mix with work. Rio is dealing with his trauma and break-up with Tokyo. Denver, too, is struggling to keep his calm, acting out in tense situations. It is all falling apart, police are gaining the upper hand. There is a lot of suspense and turns, unconsciously making you root for the bad guys. On the other hand, there are the good guys, trying their level best to parallel the heist. Alicia Sierra is a merciless-good guy, responsible for Rio's torture and inhumane treatment. She will do anything to take down the criminals. Working on no sleep and candy, Sierra is a great replacement of inspector Raquel Murillo. Too trapped between authorities and government, nothing is in their hands, and permissions take time. There follows a truce, the Professor is back on track, Tokyo has had her Guardian angel's back throughout.

It is hard to understand how Palermo's brain works—loyal to the plan, not the people with him. He has had his share of hardships and betrayals. His decision to help Gandia (the head of security at the mint) will cost everyone, especially Nairobi's life. Gandia, a tough guy, he has been trained to tackle the worst situations,and he knows his job too well. The tension inside the mint is high, and Gandia takes advantage as much as he could. But as we know, the Professor has a planfor every detour. With a lot of bombs and shooting, no one knows who is going to live. The team needs a better plan to take down Gandia. Yet, the show must go on!

Then there is Gandia's panic room, with Tokyo tied like a dog. He has got no mercy, and also, eventually bangs Nairobi in the head. The two sides are on the chase, the police are helpless, there is a leak in their team. Well, money can buy anyone, can't it? With the introduction of many new characters, and crew members and connections, it is like Professor predicted everything before-hand.

As the new release is coming to an end, not waiting for the events sink in, there is more to come. Plans overlap plans, strategies seem impromptu, and the Professor is back in his zone. The part ends with the execution of 'Plan Paris'—the rescue and reunite of Lisbon with the team at the mint. Though a mind-blowing plan, it seems a bit unrealistic, exaggerated, in other words, impossible! Yes, it is a reminder that the show is fiction.

There are a few questions that trouble me—how is everything at the professor's expense? From Algerian desert, helicopters, surgeons and cyber experts in Pakistan to the gang called in to executive Paris! Yet, the planner is the mastermind, it is their maze we are playing on. It seems the world is on their side. Alicia Sierra is officially out of the game, taking down the National Intelligence Agency along. But we all have a little bad guy in us, her chase is not over yet. This part ends with the Professor at his gun point, making us wait for the next part.
The cinematography stitches everything together, coupled with Tokyo's narration for the viewers to understand. The music stands out in every part, hooking on the tune of "bella caio" and "Maria".

With many in-between sub-stoires, characters of Berlin, Palermo and Marseilles taking us back into flashbacks, presenting the human side of the criminals. With Rio's torture and Nairobi's execution, we also are to see the extreme side of the ruling authorities, questioning their credibility. What differentiates this part from the other 3 are the flashbacks,fast-paced narrative, quick development of events and 'emotions mixing with the professional life'. You can't resist but binge watch this engaging series, only hoping that the show goes on and on.

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