With no signs of cinema halls opening any time soon, reliance on streaming is at an all-time high. A lot of us are scrounging for humorous, lighthearted and binge-worthy shows that are easy to watch, so here’s my list of the top 5:

Schitt’s Creek on Netflix

David Levy’s six-season comedy starts off as a seemingly trashy run-off the mill “reverse rags to riches” story until it becomes really funny. Centered around the once-rich Rose family that are now adjusting to their disheveled lives in a town that they once bought as a joke, the show is a joy ride that you would not want to end. Watch it for Catherine O’Hara’s stand-out performance as the over-the-top matriarch Moira Rose who steals every scene with her impeccable comic timing.

Crazy Delicious on Netflix

Do you love Master Chef or are you tired of it? In either case, Crazy Delicious is exactly what you want to watch next. It’s a cooking reality show on steroids. Think volcano pizza, watermelon that looks like meat – the show lives up to the “crazy” in its title. With just six 40-minute-long episodes, you won’t want it to end.

Upload on Amazon Prime Video

Greg Daniel’s futuristic show set in 2033 presents a version of what after life might look like with technical intervention. The show is funny in parts and manages to keep you hooked with its unique vision for 2033 – a dog therapist, printable food and VR sex suits. The show’s real achievement lies in getting the audience to empathize with the characters as they navigate through the technology-driven concept of afterlife.

The Politician on Netflix

This campy political drama by Ryan Murphy follows the story of Payton Hobart (a brilliant Ben Platt) as he juggles his ambition, a dysfunctional family and the love(s) of his life. It’s your perfect popcorn drama with an attractive cast and exaggerated plot twists. Gwyneth Paltrow’s performance as Payton’s adoptive mom is to watch out for.

Atypical on Netflix

Atypical is about an autistic teenager (Keir Gilchrist), who grapples with adolescent struggles. The show is a feel-good story with characters that are flawed, real and relatable. It deals sensitively with important issues like homosexuality, infidelity and mental health, and yet, never feels heavy. While some conflicts might seem overstretched, the show continues to be engaging.

Disclaimer: This article has not been written by Film Companion’s editorial team.

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