Me Before You: Love, The Antidote For Fragile Souls

Me Before You always takes me on an emotional rollercoaster, making me sob bitterly for most of the film
Me Before You: Love, The Antidote For Fragile Souls

Love is like a magic potion that can refill the cracks of a battered soul, replace futility with hope and can bring light in a drab life. Love is cosmos in chaos.

Me Before You is a film that I will never get bored of watching because of the way it makes me feel. Louisa and Will's love story may not be complete but it's a timeless tale of unrequited love which will forever reign over my heart.

Will, a bruised soul, who gave up on himself and his life because he was tetraplegic, was given a reason to live by Louisa. Love indeed heals a fragile heart and Louisa's love and care towards Will gave meaning to his life. When Louisa met Will he was devoid of emotions, he shunned himself from socialising because of his self-hate but love has the power to bring the best out of a human. Louisa was just appointed as Will's caretaker yet she tried to be his healer, healing the wounds of his bitter past thereby giving him forever within a numbered days.

Togetherness is not in the fate of all love stories, yet some love stories are eternal. Louisa and Will rediscovered each other's diverse worlds and in the process, fell for each other. However, every relationship has an expiry date and for some relationships it comes early. When Louisa and Will had just fallen head over heels in love with each other, Will's confession of his decision of assisted suicide made tears well up in my eyes. This scene took a part of my heart away and no matter how many times I rewatch it, it's feels like a personal loss – maybe because it reminds me of the numerous heartbreaks I endured.

Some life decisions cannot be driven by emotions and though his decision of assisted suicide shattered Lou, we know why Will took this decision. It's not about Louisa deserving someone better than Will but it's about Will's acknowledgment of the bitter truth that he can't give the happiness he wishes to give to Louisa because of his physical complexities. I vividly remember the last conversation between Lou and Will in his final moments when Will said,"Will you stay?" and Lou replied, "For as long as you want me to." It ripped my heart open to witness how they could never be together. However, I found solace in believing that their love shall be forever alive in Louisa's heart through the moments they spent together.

Love sometimes demands you to be selfless and Louisa had to let go of Will because he could not be burdened with living a life in which he was unhappy and Will had to let go of Louisa because she deserved all the happiness in the world, which he couldn't have given her.

The letter that Will wrote to Louisa is an emblem signifying the immortality of their love story. When Will says in the letter, "live boldly, just live" and "I will be always by your side", it drove all my grief away because it taught me that if we love someone truly, then we should possess the ability to let go of that person. True love never fades, it is stored in one's heart till eternity.

Me Before You always takes me on an emotional rollercoaster, making me sob bitterly for most of the film. However one thing which always stays with me from this film is the art of loving someone completely with all their flaws. Lou and Will weren't perfect – while Will was stubborn due to the drudgery of life, Lou was messy and carefree. Yet, they fell for each other because they accepted each other the way they are and became each other's missing pieces. They completed the jigsaw puzzle of each other's lives, once again proving that love is the best medicine to enliven a broken heart and soul.

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