Kishore Kumar: A Man Of Many Words, and Even More Wonders

With a career spanning four decades, Kishore Kumar is still as loved to this day
Kishore Kumar: A Man Of Many Words, and Even More Wonders

One of the greatest talents this country has ever produced; a singer, an actor, a lyricist, a writer, a director, and so much more that this man was, and still is. With a career spanning four decades, Kishore Kumar is still as loved to this day. It makes one wonder — how a man who began enchanting us back in 1946 remains not just relevant, but even captivating in 2021. We are running faster than we ever have and yet in this speeding world, it's Kishore Da who makes us want to stop and listen. On the days when my mind is working in many directions, I only need Kishore Da's voice to calm me down and prevent me from having a panic attack. To put it as simply as possible, that is Kishore Da for me, the man who implores me to accept the mess and mania of this world we are living in.

A huge part of India was born after his demise, including me. Despite this, he still seamlessly manifests love inside me on the days it's bleak, he still makes me blush, and he still holds the power to make me swoon no matter how old I grow and how retro he becomes. That was his aura, that is his legacy — one that will never perish, and one that we must never let perish because Kishore Da is indispensable.  Without him, we shall be musically declined forever, and that is not an exaggeration in the slightest. Anyways, what shall I write about him that hasn't already been written, what ode I shall present to a maestro, whose work is beyond our wildest imaginations, what is that can one do to justify the glorious presence of Kishore Da in this world? Nothing, I say. Everything will and is going to fall short in front of his magnanimous aura and flamboyance because that was Kishore Kumar for you, a tad bit mad, a whole lot genius, and absolutely ethereal.

He is my father's favourite singer, my father who is miles away from the music and magic of this world. My father who never ever sings finds himself humming Kishore Da's songs. Long before, I ventured into the glamorous and passionate world of films and music, I knew 'tere jaisa yaar kahaan' by heart and I sang it even whilst I didn't know that it belonged to Kishore Da because that is and was the unparalleled power and presence of Kishore Kumar; a man of many words, and even more wonders.

He stirs in every household, and there's nothing that one can do about it. Every aspiring singer worships him, every accomplished singer worships him because he was a school in himself. At a time when eccentricity was a sin, he owned it like no other, in the end imploring young minds like mine to live with laughter and love without a care for the world, because if you're you then the world will start caring invariantly. Out of all things that could make one love Kishore Da, it was his exuberant, quirky and intangible presence that made me love him with all my heart because for the man that Kishore Da was even the love of billion hearts would seem dull.

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