How The Music Of Rockstar Becomes Even More Magical In Current Times

This album by AR Rahman captures a multitude of emotions just with the power of music and some exceptional vocals.
How The Music Of Rockstar Becomes Even More Magical In Current Times

With the lock-down extension and with the controversy of 'Masakali2.0' not dying down anytime soon, my thoughts went back to the voice in the middle of this controversy- Mohit Chauhan and the album that captures so many emotions so brilliantly. The emotions felt by Jordan could well be what many of us would be feeling off late. My mind goes back to Rockstar and its magic.

The album had fourteen songs including 2 stirring instrumentals.What sets this apart from many other ARR albums that I personally feel should have won the Oscars is the fact that almost every song from this classic has a reliability factor to them (probably Rang De Basanti comes closest). This album captures a multitude of emotions just with the power of music and some exceptional vocals.

I remember my brother getting the CD for this and we were excited as it was another ARR album to discover. And this one came pretty close to the audio of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya and Enthiran and still we were reeling from its after effects. Even at that time, there were facets of each song from those two albums we were trying to discover, which made listening to the songs even more fun.

But having read reports online about Rockstar and knowing that it was the journey of  a singer/Rockstar, exceptions shot up to a different stratosphere.Thankfully, we had not hit the singles era(nowadays every album releases singles that ruins the experience of listening to a new album, especially if its composed by AR Rahman). So once the audio started playing from the sound system, I was blown away and I still haven't got over the effect of those tunes.

'Jo Bhi Main', 'PhirSe Ud Chala' and 'Nadaan Parindey' is directly in Imtiaz Ali territory- Jordan questioning his existence, his self-worth and reflecting on his deeds. The mesmerizing lyrics by Irshad Kamil in these songs made me his-fan and I continue to appreciate his work especially when he teams up with his close friend and film-maker Imtiaz Ali.

'Kun Faaya Kun', 'Tum Ho' and 'Tum Ko' deal with Jordan seeking solace and doing lot of soul searching. For people seeking solace and a way out of their grief or if someone is missing someone, their loved ones in times of lock-down, let ARR help you feel you less burdened. These are the songs I personally need like we all need sunlight- it's an essential. Such immersive lyrics that one can 'not get transported into the pain and plight of Jordan. The power of spirituality and music at its outstanding best!

Just when I thought this album was very deep and emotional, ARR springs a surprise on us, as there are three light songs that are equally effective. 'Katiya Karun', 'Haawa Haawa' and 'SheherMain' bring out the spunk and naughtiness in Jordan and also shall we say that in this album, Jordan and ARR are almost intertwined.

But the two songs that I would go on to proclaim as among the best songs I have heard in my life till date, and which expresses and brings out the angst, passion of Jordan out in the open so magnificently are 'Sadda Haq' and 'Aur Ho'

Scintillating, goosebumps-inducing stuff from ARR where it's almost as if he is daring the listeners to get over the song without not getting affected. That's still not happened and I have listened to them so many times that I have lost count. The electrifying guitar from Sadda Haq still send shivers down my spine!

If there were any doubts about Mohit Chauhan the singer or Ranbir Kapoor as a performer,these two songs will shatter any such doubts. In times when everyone is caged within the four walls of our homes and many people are contemplating how to spend their time, let ARR-Mohit Chauhan take you on a journey, one that would be enriching and will prove therapeutic.

"I hear music when I close my eyes. When I open my eyes, the music doesn't go away. I often can't follow the words that people speak, but I get the music of their soul. It's good that way, because words can lie but music cannot. Pleasant or disturbing, music is always the truth." These deep and thought-provoking words define the magic of Rockstar.

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