Fahadh Faasil’s Performance Keeps Njan Prakashan Going, Film Companion

My craze over Fahadh Faasil movies started very recently after a Malayali friend of mine gave me a list of his movies to watch. Before this, the only Fahadh Faasil movies I had watched were Bangalore Days and Velaikkaran. The craze started after I watched movies like 22 Female Kottayam, Trance, C U Soon, Super Deluxe, etc. In all of these movies, I loved the seriousness of the character that Fahadh chose to play.

Then, my friend asked me to watch Fahadh’s Njan Prakashan, which was available on Netflix. This was one movie I had not heard much about and therefore was a little hesitant about watching it. But I checked out the trailer of the movie on YouTube and almost immediately decided to watch it. Why? Well, just to see how Fahadh would portray a comic role.

There was a small scene in the trailer where Fahadh, or Prakashan, attends a wedding and before it could get over, finds his way to the dining hall. There, a small expression of his convinced me that this movie was not worth missing. As the video camera pans across all those who are eating, for a second or two he keeps a serious face, and then immediately begins gorging on his food. After watching him play very serious or heroic roles in most movies, this one movie was a game changer as it showed the unknown side of Fahadh to all of his fans.

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The movie itself was a pleasant one, where you have a fulfilling feeling when you finish watching it. I would surely say that no one else could have done justice to the character of Prakashan. The movie follows a simple storyline, with an interesting choice of characters and dialogues. But what kept the movie going, although it was a little slow, was Fahadh’s performance.

My most favourite scene from the film is the one where Prakashan confesses his love to “Salomi”. He knows very well that he is fooling around with his selfish motives, but does so with full sincerity. The movie left a contented feeling in my heart for almost a week afterwards. On the whole, I would say that for sure Prakashan was my most favourite role of Fahadh’s. He nails every single role that he is given.

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