Emily In Paris Review

Emily in Paris is an extravagant and larger than life dramedy that has an unmissable chic factor. With its enchanting views and the typical girl-next door having a good time in Paris, it is also a brilliantly layered series with some super handy tips for pretty much every creative soul in business!

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Here are some brilliant observations from the hit Netflix Show that we can apply in our daily lives:

1) When in Rome, do as you please!: Although this show is set in Paris, and is a hilarious depiction of a typical American whose intentions get lost in translation, it is a good example of debunking the old adage “when in Rome do as the romans do”. It emphasises the importance of having your own voice. The fearless protagonist does not hold back from voicing her independent creative views and owning her individuality in a foreign workplace, inspiring us to bring a special personal touch to our work and make it more effective in the process.

2) It’s ringarde to call someone ringarde: If you have watched the show, you know what I mean! ‘Ringarde’ is the French word for basic, and it hits just the right spot today, as brands, influencers, artists and thought leaders increasingly try to project themselves as unique and divorce themselves from reality. Sometimes, a beautiful connect with our audience comes when we effortlessly relate to a crowd and manage to capture popular sentiment and understand the true needs of the client and the customer, not getting carried away with fancy jargon.

3) Let your work speak for itself: The show gives us a crash course is how to not go off-track caring too much about our critics, but instead give our best while tuning out the negativity and acting with utmost professionalism. It is also inspiring in so many ways, as the protagonist is unabashed in everything she does, showing that honesty in our work goes a long way and reflects in our performance.

4) Bring in your own life experiences to your work: Emily’s brilliant mattress campaign idea is a result of her creatively translating her Louvre outing with friends the day before into a vibrant campaign with the potential to engage millions of people. It is a lesson in how we can truly observe the world in our personal lives and reflect the same in our professional life, to create a rock solid connect with the people we are trying to reach.

5) Aesthetics do matter: While Paris is the embodiment of all things classy, it is also a delicate reminder of the old-world charm going a long way, in terms of popular appeal. With her stunning Paris shots and flattering costumes, Emily does manage to create her own personal brand through her Instagram profile, Emily in Paris. It is a classic example of how beautifully intricate detailing and strong visual communication are always appealing, managing to capture popular imagination.

6) Woke is the new cool: Emily is an woke young woman who knows the socio-political climate all over the world, and smartly uses this to create an important dialogue for her clients. The ‘Sexy or Sexist’ Campaign is a clever example of how we can add strong substance to our work and keep it relevant for a global and diverse audience by being generally aware and sensitive to the world around us.

7) Quick thinking goes a long way in one’s professional life: The larger share in any pie goes to the quickest diner. Intuition is as important as being organized when it comes to making one’s own mark in the professional world. Emily’s wacky elevator pitches and ability to seize the moment with her unique propositions comes in very handy for her agency and help her bring great value to her work environment and create rock solid relationships with clients.

8) Out-of-the-box thinking: Being an out-of-the-box thinker is important in any line of work, but even more so when you are in a creative field. Emily impresses the head of a leading cosmetic brand at a Social Media Influencer event with her one-of-a-kind Instagram posts, and adds a fresh new perspective to all the projects she works on. Creative souls are brimming with passionate ideas, and indeed one of the best ways to create a stir is to brew something different!

Disclaimer: This article has not been written by Film Companion’s editorial team.

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