Bridesmaids: An Ode To Complicated, Messy And Enduring Female Friendships, Film Companion

The portrayal of friendships is generally very one-dimensional in movies. The “best friend” exists to serve the interests of the leads and to further their love story. They have no problems, aspirations or lives of their own. Seldom does one come across a movie that deals with the complexities and issues of friendships in any real way, especially female friendships. Bridesmaids, directed by Paul Feig and boasting of an enviable cast including Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy, is one such rare masterpiece.

The plot follows Annie (Wiig) and Lillian (Rudolph), childhood besties whose friendship is tested by Lillian’s new friend Helen (Byrne). Annie, who is currently down in the dumps, both personally and professionally, is instantly jealous of the sophisticated and impeccably dressed Helen. She believes that Helen is trying to steal Lillian from her by giving her a Parisian-themed bachelorette as well as a trip to Paris. This “friendship triangle” is something we have all experienced in our life at one time or another. We have felt insanely possessive of our best friend when she was making new friends. We have also been guilty of being envious of her when good things were happening to her at work or when she was getting married before us. We have also bawled our eyes out and listened to sad songs when we felt ignored by her. Yes, we have had our share of resentments, hostilities, ugly fights, crying sessions and making-ups.

However, somehow the movies have always glorified the struggles of a romantic relationship but hardly any attention has been paid to equally important and messy friendships. This movie is all about the importance of female friendships. Bridesmaids is an ode to enduring female friendships, which are not all catty and bitchy as men would like us to believe. These are our people, the ones who push us to be the best versions of ourselves, the ones who always have our backs, the ones who give us hope and the belief to stand up after we take a tumble. For once it was nice to watch the petty issues with my girlfriends being portrayed on the silver screen: it made me feel that I am not alone.

Bridesmaids: An Ode To Complicated, Messy And Enduring Female Friendships, Film Companion

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