My Favourite Films About Love: Escaping Into The Idea Of Love

Love gives us hope, an escape from our own lives and a peak into someone else’s beautiful fictional idea of it
My Favourite Films About Love: Escaping Into The Idea Of Love

Love according to many, is overrated. I say so what? Let it be overrated. It gives us hope, an escape from our own lives and a peak into someone else's beautiful fictional idea of it. Here are my top 5 favourite films on love:

5. Khoobsurat (2014)

The Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan starrer is an underrated modern classic. Khoobsurat is cute, heart-warming, funny and realistic at the same time. Be it the scene where Mili gets kidnapped in broad daylight or when Vikram enters Mili's room and is appalled by its state, the movie along with its characters is very endearing from the get-go. A movie that reinstated my hope in modern Bollywood romantic movies, Khoobsurat surely deserves a spot in my top 5 as it has everything a typical romantic movie should have – the enemies to lovers trope, the sad judaai song, the 'oh my god I love you' realisation moment and the lived happily ever after ending. This is a true Disney movie.

4. The Holiday (2006)

This Nancy Meyers movie is the definition of a movie on love. The Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black starrer not only boasts of a talented cast but a very endearing storyline, where you watch the characters find love, struggle to come to terms with their past experiences and make space for new people in their lives. What begins as an impulsive holiday for Amanda (Cameron Diaz) and Iris (Kate Winslet) turns out to be the best decision of their lives very quickly. Watching beautiful people in beautiful locations on the screen is as lovey-dovey as it gets, and if you're not sure of what to watch on Valentine's Day, alone or with someone, I would recommend you give this movie a try!

3. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013)

Ayan Mukerji's YJHD is your typical Bollywood rom-com coming of age movie, where two young individuals try to figure out themselves and the world around them. The movie has everything – a stunning actress, a charming actor, a humorous script, beautiful locations and memorable dialogues. It leaves you with a smile as you begin to feel nostalgic about your school and college experiences. Somewhere between Ghaghra and Kabira, we all grew up and experienced very mature emotions. From 'shaadi is dal chawal for 50 saal till you die', to 'badtameezi ek bimari hai' the movie throws iconic dialogues at you throughout. YJHD is the ultimate feel good movie, with a happy ending that is sure to make your day much better!

2. The Notebook (2004)

Who doesn't think of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams's iconic kiss in the rain when they think of love? This fan favourite is one of the most romantic movies I have ever seen. The movie tells the tale of teenage lovers who were separated due to their circumstances and reunite years later only to fall in love harder and faster than before. You root for their love, you want to see them together, and you feel content when you see Ally and Noah as an older couple, in an old age home. The movie is so so passionate that it's hard not to daydream of a similar romantic experience for yourself.

1. Om Shanti Om (2007)

A movie that defied science, time and space, Om Shanti Om is a Bollywood classic everyone should watch once. The movie is a celebration of and an ode to Bollywood- cheesy, romantic, giddy ol' Bollywood. Om, a junior artist, falls in love with Shantipriya, a successful actress only to die tragically in a bid to rescue her. He is reborn as Om Kapoor, the son of a successful actor and decides to avenge Shanti. The movie has beautiful songs, hypnotising lyrics, witty jabs at certain Bollywood entities and a love story that transcends generations. The movie is a riot, and portrays such an innocent idea of love that you can't help but deeply connect with Om and his unrequited love for Shanti. It has the perfect mix any Bollywood romance should have  – Shah Rukh Khan, an item song, a very self aware script and a bucketload of fun. It is over the top, dramatic, charming and earnest, much like the very emotion we are talking about here love.

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