In a bit of a rush? In the mood for binge-watching? Looking for something crisp and compact?

Here are 10 movies from various genres, each under 100 minutes, timeless and memorable, guaranteed to remain in your mind for far longer than their respective runtimes.

Up (96 minutes)

Love, friendship, adventure. Probably Pixar’s best film till date, this tale of a grumpy old widow and his chirpy young friend, Russell is a treat for everyone, from seven to seventy. It extols the virtues of love, living and simply finding a purpose in one’s life. Adventure is undoubtedly out there.

Before Sunset (80 minutes)

A tale of romance, this sequel of the universally acclaimed Before series continues the story of Celine and Jesse who met one fateful day in Vienna. Nine years later, in a fortunate stroke of serendipity, their paths intersect once again, this time against the aura and allure of a Parisian backdrop. A masterclass in memories, magic and love.

Rope (80 minutes)

Master auteur Alfred Hitchcock’s genius script revolves around two college students who plan to execute the ‘perfect crime’. It’s foolproof until a suspicious headmaster comes along. Gripping, suspenseful and engaging, this 1948 gem is an exemplary example of the famed one-shot technique.

Chronicle (89 minutes)

What if one day you chanced upon something which gifts you and your two closest friends unheard-of superpowers? Would it be under your control, or would it slowly consume you? Taking this idea forward is this superhero tale of desire, power and corruption. A criminally underrated independent inversion of your staple superhero fare.

Fruitvale Station (90 minutes)

Based on the real-life story of Oscar Grant, the movie highlights key issues of racism and police brutality that plague the world’s superpowers. Rooted in reality and with strong socio-political connotations in today’s turbulent times, it’s emotional, emphatic and resoundingly moving.

Rashomon (88 minutes)

omagnum opus popularised the Rashomon effect which became a revolutionary trope in cinema. Based on four contradictory versions of the same story, the movie delves into complexities of the human mind and is an ambiguous delight. It skilfully tackles the concept of an unreliable narrator, under the veil of a cracking whodunit.

Moonrise Kingdom (95 minutes)

A love story of fugitives on a tropical island – the only catch? They both are twelve year olds. A thought-provoking, coming of-age, narrative based on adolescent love and the perils of adulthood, this breezy movie with an ensemble cast is a must watch. Wes Anderson at his very best, replete with symmetry and a smorgasbord of colour.

Run Lola Run (82 minutes)

A German thriller based on concepts like free will and the ‘butterfly effect’, it shines as an engaging thriller and a race against time. It’s a relentless and audacious work of art. Immensely popular, I’m eagerly awaiting its Bollywood remake,scheduled for 2021 – Loop Lapeta, starring Taapsee Pannu and Tahir Raj Bhasin.

What We do in the Shadows (87 minutes)

A hilarious film in the mockumentary genre, the film revolves around a group of vampires living together. As they experience the tribulations of modern life, they struggle to hold on to their customs in an unfamiliar, changing world. A web series, of the same name is streaming on Disney+Hotstar.

Modern Times (89 minutes)

A Charlie Chaplin marvel, this silent comedy is a relevant, socio-political film which tackles several issues during the Great Depression, which prevail even today. An evergreen critique seen through the eyes of his iconic ‘Little Tramp’ character.

Disclaimer: This article has not been written by Film Companion’s editorial team.

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