How We Compiled the FC-Ormax Power List for Music

These are the lyricists, composers and singers whose work in 2023 brought them to the forefront of the Indian entertainment scene
How We Compiled the FC-Ormax Power List for Music
How We Compiled the FC-Ormax Power List for Music

Eligibility Criteria

A song list was created for the year 2023, and the composers, lead singers, and lyricists of songs in this shortlist became eligible. The Power List is not a ranking and is arranged in alphabetical order.

Methodology to Create Song List

The top Indian songs (across all languages together) of 2023 will be identified across four sources:

  1. Top 100 songs on YouTube views.

  2. Top 100 songs based on audio streaming app lists available in public domain.

  3. Top 50 songs based on Instagram Reels usage.

  4. Top 25 songs (Hindi only) based on Ormax Heartbeats.

Any song that features in any of these lists was considered for further evaluation.


  1. For each song in the shortlist from the methodology above, 10 points were assigned to solo composers, solo lyricists, and solo lead singers per song, and 5 points per song if the composer/ lyricist/ lead singer credit is shared. If an artist had multiple credits for the same song, the maximum assigned points were limited to 15.

  2. The top 25 music personalities with the most points formed the power list.

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