RRR: First Look First Impression

Baradwaj Rangan, Vishal Menon and Ashutosh Mohan discuss their first thoughts of the first motion poster of SS Rajamouli's most-awaited multi-starrer with Jr NTR and Ram Charan
RRR: First Look First Impression

BR: I don't know. This is at once exciting and… weird. Yes, life goes on, et cetera. But this just seems an odd time to be getting excited about (or celebrating) a movie poster, however anticipated it is. What if Covid-19 clamps us down for a year and all we have of RRR is… this first look? Okay, okay, I am being alarmist…

VM: What SS Rajamouli intends to do with the poster is lift everyone's spirit. But honestly, the time he announced the launch, earlier yesterday, was far more peaceful that it is now, after the 21-day lockdown was announced. I mean there's literally nothing else to look forward to. So I'm really looking forward to it. 

 AM: I too was wondering whether it made sense to unveil the first look given there's no knowing when the film will eventually release. But, maybe for the fans, this is something… looking forward to thronging a movie hall with friends for a possibly Baahubali-like film, especially in times when it's difficult to even hangout briefly.

BR: Yeah, I see your point, Vishal. We need something to look forward to. When an organism so small is threatening to shut us down, we need to feel something larger than larger-than-life. And who better to do that than SS Rajamouli? And yes, Ashutosh, even the idea that we may one day be thronging to a movie is a bit of hope.

VM: So, first thoughts? The first look is very different from what I was expecting. LOVE the whole fire and water thing that's going on. Also, for a period film, surprising that they're not really throwing the 'period-ness' at us. Also, the music! 

AM: Yes, Vishal! The music is the first thing I noticed in the motion poster. Does anyone else hear strong echoes of 'Dheevara' from Bahubali: The Beginning in the background score?

BR: Yes, it's a lovely look. But more than 'fire and water', I am thinking 'hot and cold', 'fire and ice'. They come from opposite directions and… clash! At least the Tamil version of the motion poster has the three R's as Ratham, Routhiram and Ranam. Is anyone else a fan of the two faces on the two extreme Rs and the interlocked hands in the middle R? 

VM: In English, it's 'Rise, Roar and Revolt'. Yeah, I love the faces. In all of our recent "two hero" films, they've generally placed the faces against each other. Like in Master, Vikram Vedha etc… but this one is interesting. They're opposites. But they're also looking against the same goal/enemy. Perhaps, two methods or ideologies against a common enemy? Violence and peace? Naah. No room for peace in a big-action Rajamouli movie.

AM: The protagonists don't look eye-to-eye, and yet seem to come together for a common goal: Revolt. The year '1920' above the interlocked hands says that RRR is a pre-independence saga. I also thought it was interesting, at least in the Tamil version, that 'routhiram' or anger is equated to ice in Jr NTR's character, while 'raththam' or blood is equated to fire in Ram Charan's character…

BR: Okay boys, let's not get ahead of ourselves and begin 'decoding' this damn thing. Heh! All I'll say is there's only one filmmaker who can get two huge heroes together and get away with showing just shadows of their faces – and that's why the name at the end is all that matters: SS Rajamouli.

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