The Freelancer Trailer: Mohit Raina is on a dangerous mission in upcoming Disney+Hotstar show

Co-starring Anupam Kher, the series is directed by Bhav Dhulia with Neeraj Pandey serving as creator and showrunner
Mohit Raina Anupam Kher
Mohit Raina Anupam Kher

Disney+Hotstar has shared the trailer for a new extraction based series, The Freelancer. Neeraj Pandey, known for directing films like Baby (2015) and Special 26 (2013),  is the creator and showrunner and Bhav Dhulia has directed the series. Mohit Raina plays the titular character, whose real name is Avinash Kamath. 

The trailer opens with a young girl, Aliya (Kashmira Pardeshi) running frantically through narrow streets before she is hit by a car. Her father Inayat Khan (Sushant Singh) who has been trying to find his daughter, is gunned down after he seemingly poses a threat. As it turns out he was only trying to draw attention to his daughter being missing. The trailer reveals that she has been taken to Syria by her new husband under the pretext of going on their honeymoon. Kamath, who the trailer calls a mercenary, has promised Khan in the past to keep his wife and daughter safe. He takes on the mission of finding and extracting the missing girl from Syria, a mission which his confidante, played by Anupam Kher calls impossible. Will  Kamath succeed in saving Aliya's life? 

Speaking about the show Dhulia said “With a series like ‘The Freelancer’, we wanted to bring audiences an unconventional story that makes them think and question what is happening around them. It is a one-of-a-kind thriller series and sheds light on the subject with sensitivity. Beyond being a story of a young girl stuck in a hostile environment and a Freelancer’s attempt to rescue her, the story is much more - parents' love for their child, courage, and undying hope. Mohit Raina effortlessly merges into the character of Avinash Kamath and Kashmira Pardeshi as Aliya will leave you vulnerable and emotional. Moreover, collaborating with Disney+ Hotstar has been an incredible experience and we hope audiences enjoy the series.”

Sharing his thoughts about his character Raina said “The Freelancer is a story that touched my heart in several ways. Playing Avinash Kamath was challenging yet creatively satisfying. Despite fighting his interpersonal battles on a daily basis, Avinash embarks upon a mission like never before, as he sets foot to rescue Aliya. I am honoured to share screen space with a legendary actor like Anupam Kher and learnt a lot from him. Taking charge of the role as The Freelancer comes with great responsibility and I hope audiences enjoy this side of me.”

In addition to Raina, Kher, Pardeshi and Singh, the show also stars John Kokken, Gauri Balaji and Navneet Malik, Manjiri Faddnis, and Sarah Jane Dias amongst others. The Freelancer, based on the book, 'A Ticket to Syria' by Shirish Thorat, is produced by Friday Storytellers.

The show will stream on Disney+Hotstar from September 1. 

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