Sushmita Sen: There was a time when they told magazines not to put me on their cover

Sen is seen in her recent streaming series Taali directed by Ravi Jadhav
Sushmita Sen
Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen who is currently promoting her streaming series Taali, in an interview with Film Companion, spoke about the repercussions she faced on speaking her mind and being opinionated in the 90s.

“Oh there were, when I was in the 90s, because back then it was much more closeted society so you just speak your mind and to say anything that you believed in was like she is a bad influence, don't get her in front of our kids and everyone else,” revealed Sen.

“There was a time when they told magazines not to put me on their cover because of my quotes,” she added.

The actress also said that it was important for her to speak her mind without being suppressed in any way, “I don't blame them, I was very loud and clear, I always thought that if you take away by freedom to express myself what freedom do I really have so am I going to scare away from speaking my mind or am I going to just learn how to say it better, say it nicer which I did learn because I didn’t have that tack before.”

Sen who is seen portraying the role of the transgender activist ShreeGauri Sawant in her streaming series Taali based on her life is directed by Ravi Jadhav. The series is available to stream in JioCinema.

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