Srikanth actor Rajkummar Rao Hilariously Blurting out Truth Bombs

Rao has Stree 2 and Mr and Mrs Mahi lined up for release
Srikanth actor Rajkummar Rao Blurting out Truth Bombs
Srikanth actor Rajkummar Rao Blurting out Truth Bombs

During a recent interview with Anupama Chopra, Rajkummar Rao who came to promote his upcoming film Srikanth gave a parade of savage responses beginning with his infamous chin controversy.

“You want your views, your likes, doesn’t bother me because I know eventually it's the work people will talk about and that is the most important thing to me. I’m the kind of person who will always keep my chin up.”

“I would like to be throughout the day in my shorts and vest but sadly you can’t because now people are just looking at you, waiting for that one wrong moment, one wrong image to come out so that they can have their share of fun.”

“I think if you make a good film, it will find its way but you have to make a good film, you cannot be like let’s make a project.”

“We don’t know what people want to see, they want to see what they want to see, they know it.”

“After LSD, I have definitely grown as an actor also because I have lived 14 years after that so you gain that much of experience from life also and I think life teaches you the most about any art form so my life has taught me a lot more than who I was 14 years back.”

“I work, I come back home and then I chill, toh mujhe kuch aata nahi hai uske alava. I don’t understand politics, I’ve seen it firsthand, people replacing me because somebody else wanted to do it. I’ve seen it with my friends getting replaced but yeah it happens, what to do.”

“I hope people get educated, people understand, people believe what they see on social media. I hope we start educating them. Everything that you see on social media is not true.”

“I’m not too active on social media, I’m only on Instagram, I dont use my Twitter, I think I’m on Twitter but I don’t use it. I haven’t touched it for many many years, may be I use it once or twice a year. I’m not on Facebook at all.”

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