Sharib Hashmi on Tarla: You will see a completely different me in Tarla

Directed by Piyush Gupta, Tarla also stars Huma Qureshi as main lead
Sharib Hashmi
Sharib Hashmi

In an interview with Sharib Hashmi who will next be seen opposite Huma Qureshi in her upcoming film Tarla spoke about the film and his character in the film. Tarla is a real life story of famous chef Tarla Dalal played by Qureshi in the film.

Hashmi who plays the role of Dalal’s husband in the film shared the preparations that went into making the film, “As careful as one should be in terms of execution, our writer and director Piyush Gupta has written a well-researched script and with utmost care. We did readings for nearly two weeks to get the characters right and to get the essence of the scenes right. A lot of thought has gone even in the looks and costumes. You will see a completely different me in Tarla.

He also spoke about facing challenges in his career in order to achieve his set goals and how he surpassed them, “Of course, I have”, he said, “Like Tarla I also started late. Like Tarla I also went through a difficult phase in my career. And just as Tarla had her Husband by her side, I had my wife Nasreen by my side, supporting me at every step. "

The film encourages many women to achieve their goals through this movie.”

Directed by Piyush Gupta, the film also stars Veenah Naair and it releases on Zee5 on July 7.

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