Saba Azad is a gynaecologist and more in Amazon miniTV Series Who's Your Gynac?

The show started streaming on September 28
Saba Azad
Saba Azad

Amazon miniTV's new comedy-drama series Who's Your Gynac? is now streaming on the platform. The show stars Saba Azad as Dr. Vidhushi Kothari, a fresher OB-GYN (obstetrician and gynaecologist) who oscillates her time between her professional and personal life.

Using a blend of comedy and drama, the show sheds light on the lack of sex education among men and women in India, discusses issues related to the personal well-being of women, and addresses several misconceptions about sex, pregnancy and women’s healthcare along with some undiscussed problems.

In addition to Azad, the show's cast includes, Vibha Chibber, Karishma Singh, Aaron Koul, and Kunal Thakur. Created by Girliyapa, India's leading women-centric channel for entertainment (Part of TVF), the series is directed by Himali Shah and written by Anuya Jaktdar, Girish Narayandass and Prerna Sharma.

The show is now streaming on Amazon miniTv.

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