Old ties crack as Abhilash tries work-life balance in Aspirants S2 trailer

Directed by Apoorv Singh Karki, the series premieres on Prime Video
Aspirants Season 2
Aspirants Season 2

The popular TV drama series Aspirants has unveiled the trailer of its second season. Following the events of Season 1, nothing is the same now as Abilash tries to balance his personal life and work after becoming an IAS officer, causing a crack in old friendships.

Every character has a problem of their own, though the primary focus here is Abhilash who after becoming an IAS officer from an aspirant has caused a wreck in his personal life.

Speaking about the premise of Season 2, Apoorv Singh Karki who is the director of the show detailed,“Aspirants 2 takes the characters forward, dives deep within the world of UPSC prep. In addition, it reveals the ground reality of doing an administrative job.

“What is the real battlefield? Is it the prep or is it the posting? We were overwhelmed by season one’s success. We hope Season 2 brings much love from the people. ‘Aspirants’ is one such beautiful world we are all proud of.”

Actor Naveen Kasturia talking about his return as Abhilash said, “Aspirants Season 2 is not just a continuation of an incredible journey, but a proof to the unwavering spirit of determination and resilience. I am delighted to be back as Abhilash, a character that challenges me as an actor everytime and I get into the skin of it.

He added,“This season we explore the lives of those chasing their dreams, facing new challenges head-on while embarking on a rollercoaster of emotions, laughter, and inspiration.”

Sunny Hinduja who plays the popular character of Sandeep Bhaiyaa said, “This season is an exciting journey that reveals the raw realities, joys, and heartaches of those aspiring to make their mark. The expedition continues, and this time, it's about pushing boundaries and embracing the power of self-belief.”

Abhilash Thapliyal who plays the role of SK sir, talking about the show said “Aspirants is a show which is not only very close to my heart but also holds a special place for millions of people across the country. I am excited to be back for Season 2, especially after Season 1 and ‘SK Sir ki Class’ received such adulation from the audiences. It will be exciting to see how audiences react to the journey of the characters, and I hope the new season is everything they hoped for!”

Namita Dubey detailing her character of Dhariya said, “Some characters hit a chord so deep in you that it is impossible to forget them, even after you’ve carried on with other roles.

“Dhairya is a girl who has so much love, ambition and determination in her, that she truly is a force to be reckoned with. It was an absolute delight to play her once again, and I hope we keep bringing on new seasons for this phenomenal show.”

Created by The Viral Fever and directed by Apoorv Singh Karki, Aspirants Season 2 will premiere on October 25, exclusively on Prime Video.

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